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Author: Steve Holmes

October 2nd Meetup: Tom Parker - Exploring JVM Concurrency

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Hey Consorters!

The Great Tom Parker will be giving a talk on exploring concurrency issues and options in java and JVM languages. How STM and actors can ease the pain. Code samples include Java, Clojure, Groovy, Scala, and maybe even jRuby.

Hope to see you all there!

August 7th Meetup: Trystan Spangler - Seeking Clojure

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Seeking Clojure

Hey Coders,

Finally your chance to get see what Clojure is all about! Trystan Spangler will be giving a presentation that will show you:

  • How you can integrate Clojure with existing java code.
  • How you can use Multi Methods and Macros to be a Clojure Ninja.
  • How you can edit running Clojure code.
  • How you can model adding, removing and changing over time with immutable data.

Plus you will see how Trystan built an asteroids game in Clojure.

Hope to see you all there!

July 3rd Meeting: Corey Minter - Parser Combinators in Scala

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Parser Combinators in Scala

Scala provides a library (and DSL) which allows easily adding this recursive descent parsing strategy directly in your application (no separate tools required). You'll see how parser combinators differ from other parsing methods. A code demo will show you how to implement a grammar then extend that into 'useful' actions.