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December 4th Meetup

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Corey Minter

Intro to the Intel Edison module & Intel Galileo board

The Intel Galileo board is an Arduino-certified development board (and more). The Intel Edison module is a small general purpose system with many built in features including (WiFi, Bluetooth, and lots of RAM and flash storage). Both are based on Intel architecture and run a Linux based OS.

We'll discuss and demo:

- what these devices are and what can they do.
- how to get started.
- using the Arduino environment.
- other interesting software tools (Java/Scala, Node.js, ...)

Sorry about the last mine post. I suck. - Steve

November 6th Meetup: Bryan Lavender - Communicating With Lisp

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This month our esteemed colleague the lettered Mr Brian Lavender will be giving a talk on Lisp. We will discuss programming LISP and the book titled "The Little Schemer" by Dan Feidman. Maybe you heard of LISP and even worked in it some. We will look at two things. One, we will examine using emacs integration with Guile or Dr. Racket using the Geiser plugin for emacs. Two, we will evaluate code from various sections of the book.

The Geiser plugin for Emacs allows a programmer to selectively evaluate blocks of code. Secondly, it allows the programmer to interactively evaluate expressions in a Read Execute Program Loop (REPL). The emacs with Geiser makes a good environment for experimentation and learning.

The book follows a simplistic / repetitive approach to programming and continues with a recursive themed based approach to programming. Scheme makes it easy to represent different data structures and create different constructs without a lot of code. We will take a look at a couple sections and evaluate them in the Emacs, Geiser, Guile (Scheme) environment.

October 2nd Meetup: Tom Parker - Exploring JVM Concurrency

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Hey Consorters!

The Great Tom Parker will be giving a talk on exploring concurrency issues and options in java and JVM languages. How STM and actors can ease the pain. Code samples include Java, Clojure, Groovy, Scala, and maybe even jRuby.

Hope to see you all there!

September 4th Meeting: Ed Gibbs - Stubbing Toes on Clojure Web Frameworks

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Hi All!

Ed has been cutting his teeth (that expression sounds so painfull) on Clojure web frameworks and will be giving us an overview of his findings. This is the second talk in our Series on the Clojure alternative JVM programming language.

As usual, we will be meeting at our Sponsors Hacker Lab and Tek Systems will be providing the food.

Come for the talk, stay for the swag!

Hope to see you all there.

August 7th Meetup: Trystan Spangler - Seeking Clojure

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Seeking Clojure

Hey Coders,

Finally your chance to get see what Clojure is all about! Trystan Spangler will be giving a presentation that will show you:

  • How you can integrate Clojure with existing java code.
  • How you can use Multi Methods and Macros to be a Clojure Ninja.
  • How you can edit running Clojure code.
  • How you can model adding, removing and changing over time with immutable data.

Plus you will see how Trystan built an asteroids game in Clojure.

Hope to see you all there!